Reading The Bible For Sunday, May 15, 2011

Readings for Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle A

From Contemporary English Version © 1995, American Bible Society.

May 15, 2011

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

FIRST READING: Acts 2:42-47

42They spent their time learning from the apostles, and they were like family to each other. They also broke bread and prayed together.

43Everyone was amazed by the many miracles and wonders that the apostles worked. 44All the LORD’S followers often met together, and they shared everything they had. 45They would sell their property and possessions and give the money to whoever needed it. 46Day after day they met together in the temple. They broke bread together in different homes and shared their food happily and freely, 47while praising God. Everyone liked them, and each day the Lord added to their group others who were being saved.

PSALMODY: Psalm 23

1You, LORD, are my shepherd. I will never be in need.
       2You let me rest in fields of green grass.
You lead me to streams of peaceful water,
       3and you refresh my life.
You are true to your name,
and you lead me along the right paths.
4I may walk through valleys as dark as death,
but I won’t be afraid.
You are with me,
and your shepherd’s rod makes me feel safe.
5You treat me to a feast, while my enemies watch.
You honor me as your guest,
and you fill my cup until it overflows.
6Your kindness and love will always be with me
each day of my life,
       and I will live forever in your house, LORD.

SECOND READING: 1 Peter 2:19-25

19God will bless you, even if others treat you unfairly for being loyal to him. 20You don’t gain anything by being punished for some wrong you have done. But God will bless you, if you have to suffer for doing something good. 21After all, God chose you to suffer as you follow in the footsteps of Christ, who set an example by suffering for you.

22Christ did not sin or ever tell a lie.
23Although he was abused, he never tried to get even.
And when he suffered, he made no threats.
Instead, he had faith in God, who judges fairly.
24 Christ carried the burden of our sins.
He was nailed to the cross, so that we would stop sinning
and start living right.
By his cuts and bruises you are healed.
25You had wandered away like sheep. Now you have returned
to the one who is your shepherd and protector.

GOSPEL: John 10:1-10

Jesus said:

I tell you for certain that only thieves and robbers climb over the fence instead of going in through the gate to the sheep pen. 2-3But the gatekeeper opens the gate for the shepherd, and he goes in through it. The sheep know their shepherd’s voice. He calls each of them by name and leads them out.

4When he has led out all of his sheep, he walks in front of them, and they follow, because they know his voice. 5The sheep will not follow strangers. They don’t recognize a stranger’s voice, and they run away.

6Jesus told the people this story. But they did not understand what he was talking about.

7Jesus said:

I tell you for certain that I am the gate for the sheep. 8Everyone who came before me was a thief or a robber, and the sheep did not listen to any of them. 9I am the gate. All who come in through me will be saved. Through me they will come and go and find pasture.

10A thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy. I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.

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