“Year’s End”


O Lord, our God!  Our years come and go,
And we ourselves live and die;
But You remain and are always the same.

Your dominion and your faithfulness,
Your righteousness and Your mercy,
Have no beginning and no end.

And thus You are the origin and the goal
Even of our lives; You are the judge
Of our thoughts, words and deeds.

We are grieved that today we can only confess
That even to this hour we have so often
Forgotten, denied, and offended You.

But today we are illumined and comforted by the Word
Through which You have given us to know
That creation is Yours and we are Your children –

Because Your dear Son, Jesus Christ,
For our sakes has become one of us,
Has died and risen again, and is our brother.

We thank You for the privilege now,
On the last Sunday of the year, of once again
Proclaiming and hearing these glad tidings.

Make us free to hear them, receive them, and act on them,
That this hour may serve Your glory
And bring to us all peace and well-being.  AMEN.

       (by Karl Barth, in “Be Our Freedom Lord, p. 278.)

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