“Here Is Love”

To love the Holy Friend above all else,
and to love your neighbour as you love yourself,
was not some brand new product that arrived on the market
from the house of Nazareth.

There had been similar hopes held by the meek and pure visionaries of Israel’s tribe in those kind seasons, when the winter rains had gone, the orchards were in blossom and birdsong filled the air.

The thing that is stunning about this Nazarene
Lover of true love is that he actually lived it
and dared fulfil it utterly in those last darkening hours
when Roman nails tore deep.

It is never our semi-loving seasonal as springtime
and shallow as sentiment that we christlings celebrate;
but the unswerving beauty of one young Man’s love
through darkest dereliction.

The fulfilment of old Moses and the robust teaching
of the great prophets hang on this awesome loving,
which now freely enters in through Christ-torn rents
in our indifference.

(Bruce D. Prewer, 1996.)

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