Marketing Hope Through Economic Trouble

The economy does not affect Jesus, and churches can grow even if the economy fails. Even if the economy as we know it fails tomorrow, God’s church will still grow.

Now friends, I’m here to tell you that the economy does not affect the church negatively. Not at all. If anything, we can use this so-called failing economy as a tool to witness and spread the gospel to others.

Sadly, most of the people in the United States feel that our economy is failing and heading towards a depression. This should not effect how we as believers feel. We still have the hope of Heaven through our Savior Jesus Christ. We know how this story ends.

So to those whose hope appears to be in worldly treasures (our economy), introduce them to One who never fails. Introduce them to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let them know that His love never ends and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

To those who mourn because their bank account may not be as large as they like because of this so-called failing economy, let them know about the unfailing love of Jesus Christ.

This is not a time cry about our economy. It’s time to act and reach others in our community. Invite folks in your town to a place the economy cannot touch, The Church!

Here’s another tip for you. Host a Fall Festival at your church. Invite everyone. Run an ad in the paper, send flyers to every neighborhood, advertise on local radio stations and post it online. Call it the “The Economy Can’t Touch This” festival. Have fun with it.

You want your church to grow? Spread cheer, and leave the doom and gloom for news agencies.

by Shane Boyd, Guest Blogger (Center For Church Communications)

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