Thoughts On The Scriptures for 10/19/08

Reputations! We all have them. Some are good.
Some are bad. Some of you may have a reputation
for making the best cakes and pies, so you are
selected over and over again to be asked to bake
for church events. Some people have such well
known reputations that they precede them from
place to place. What a blessing! What reputation
do you have that would cause people to give
thanks to God for you as thanks is given in the reading from 1 Thessalonians?
In the Matthew passage, we are encouraged to
give to God that which rightly belongs to God.
In Thessalonians, Paul reminds us that he
always gave thanks to God for the people that
served and helped him with his ministry. He spoke
about these people in other churches as he
travelled. We all need friends as we journey on
the ship called LIFE·  Paul urges the churches to
pray for one another, and we today are urged to do the same.
(from ‘Gathering’, United Church of Canada, 2008.)

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