Regarding Matthew 21: 33-46

“It would be easy to point toward the Pharisees and shake our heads. Perhaps this talk of vineyards and slaves and owners is about once upon a time instead of here and now. Such a strange story seems a long way from the silver trays and broken bread. Yet God has left this parable on the doorsteps of the church and it won’t go away.

A friend told me about an announcement in her church’s weekly newsletter saying that next Sunday the church would celebrate the Lord’s Supper. A new Christian with no church background saw the notice and called up my friend. “I have two questions,” she said. “It’s about this supper thing. Am I invited and how much will it cost?”

The world is still asking these questions. Can we come? And how much will this supper cost? The way we answer these questions will determine the kind of tenants we are. We still have much work to do. We keep reminding one another that the table is not ours. We just work here. The vineyard belongs to God.”

by Roger Lovette

Roger Lovette is a Baptist minister in Birmingham, Alabama, serving in intentional interim ministry

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