One Person

We all know of times when one or two people have made a huge impact on the unfolding of events. It took only one person standing up to the tanks in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, to mark that protest as significant around the world. Gandhi’s peaceful protests, or the marches led by Martin Luther King, Jr., inspired many. We all have experienced situations in church meetings, community gatherings, even service clubs where one person has expressed doubt or uncertainty about a pending decision, and suddenly, the whole group is moved to change its mind.

Think of how much joy a young child or toddler can bring to a funeral home filled with mourners simply by affirming the value of life through being present there. At times we may be the minority in society, but that does not diminish the need to speak God’s word in a given situation. The biblical witness reminds us of that truth.

(from ‘Gathering’, United Church of Canada, 2005.)

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