Don’t Be Afraid


Jesus spoke to them at once, “Courage!” He
said.  “It is I.  Don’t be afraid!” … Then the
disciples in the boat worshipped Jesus.  “Truly
you are the Son of God!” they exclaimed.   –  Matthew 14: 27 & 33

Just as the disciples were overwhelmed by a storm
in the water, so too we can feel overwhelmed by
the violent forces of oppression and death.  We
need to keep concentrating on Christ in order to
overcome our fear.  The disciples were terrified
when they saw Jesus on the water.  They screamed
with fear, thinking him a ghost.  In their fear,
Jesus reassured them:  “Courage! … Don’t be afraid!”

Peter had faith enough to test Jesus’
words.  Concentrating on Jesus he started to walk
out of the boat towards him.  This concentration
lapsed because of his fear of the strong
wind.  He was distracted and he sank.  Jesus
rescued him and rebuked him for his lack of faith.

When we are in difficulties we can learn from
Peter’s mistake.  We need to be realistic about
the dangers we face, but concentrating on the
presence of Christ can free us from the fear of
our situation.  Our actions will not then be
distracted by our fear.  We will be able to follow His will.

Without this trust in His trust we experience
doubt and fear and, like Peter, lose all
hope.  Our experience of Christ in times of
trouble can lead us to say, like the disciples, “Truly You are the Son of God!”

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